A Provisional Agreement Genshin

Reward: mushroom x5, meat x 10, wheat x 5, egg x5 In the game many quests and we will help you not to be confused in them. Learn more about global quests in Genshin Impact in our hardware. To start: Come to the secret island and inspect the sundial. . For starters: Talk to Cyrus once the DragonStorm mission is over. Reward: 150 adventure points, 20 rocky springs and 20,000 Mora. How to start: Walk next to Alan when he is attacked by monsters in the position of the Valley of the Winds. How to start: Talk to Jiai in the port of Li Yue. How to start: Talk to Chen jiang in the Wang Shu Standing Yard.

Reward: access to the gift shop. How to start: Talk to the Little Nine on the Vuvan trail . . . Genshin Impact is an exciting online role-playing game in the style of anime. Players explore an enchanting world, fight wild monsters and solve puzzles . . . If you have your adventure, it also increases the global level and can even unlock new areas.

It is recommended to increase your level of adventure, as you will find new areas with NPCs with which you can talk for quests! To start: Plan or reach the boat to start the cutting scene. Reward: 100 Adventure Points, 20,000 Mora and Faunonia Knights Handbook 5. To start: Read a stone plate in the middle of the slope of the ice birds . . . For starters: Talk to the room manager in front of the Nordbank after reaching 29th place in the adventure. Reward: 100 Adventure Points, 6000 Mora, Adventure Seeker Experience x4, Tevat Spiegelei x5. New world quests may appear if you`ve rethought a certain point in the main story! Make sure to advance the main story! .

How to start: Walk next to the Pallad, which has been attacked by monsters, near the Dawn Distillery. . . . . To start: Starts automatically after the path to the central lake of Aozan Mountain.