Do You Need A Cohabitation Agreement

We strongly advise you to enter into a cohabitation agreement with your partner. Sharing ownership after a divorce is one thing, but sharing ownership after separation is another. All states have laws that deal with how a couple should distribute their assets after a divorce, but unmarried couples do not have laws to apply to. Instead, couples living outside of marriage must either reach an agreement themselves or face property disputes in court. There`s a lot to cover, Caskey says, which is why she recommends sitting down with lawyers and an estate planning expert to develop an agreement that protects both interests. If the unthinkable happens, you`ll be glad you did. No one can legally force you to enter into a contract. In order for a court to enforce the terms of your life contract, you must be able to prove that you and your partner have decided to enter into the agreement for free reasons, without being overly influenced, deceived, forced or pressured to accept the terms unjustifiably. “They [the agreements] can be valid and legally binding, provided they have been concluded with each of the parties that have received separate and independent advice on the effects; if each party has provided the other with full and open financial disclosure and there is no evidence that any of the parties are under pressure to enter into such an agreement,” says Ayen Soyer, partner at Wilsons Solicitors in the family team. The cost of preparing an agreement may vary depending on the law firm or the service used, but it will undoubtedly cost much less than getting a dispute through the courts. There are two fundamental ways to create a cohabitation contract: do it yourself or hire someone to help you.

The first option is by far the cheapest. If you opt for a DIY cohabitation agreement, your costs are minimal. You can use a free or economical model or create a deal from scratch. Of course, there is no guarantee that a DIY cohabitation contract will be useful, let alone legally enforceable, but it is the cheapest option. The following themes can be addressed in a cohabitation agreement: such as a marriage agreement, a cohabitation agreement must address the diversity of personal, financial and family problems that you and your partner may face in the event of an emergency or dissolution. Cohabitation agreements may be limited or broad that you and your partner choose, but generally cover important aspects of your personal and financial life. The most expensive and safest option is to create a cohabitation agreement with the help and supervision of a lawyer. If you hire a lawyer to draft your contract, you pay for two things: the document itself and the legal advice needed to establish an agreement that covers everything you need legally enforceable. The cost of hiring a lawyer can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars or more depending on how much you want to do the lawyer. The type of lawyer you hire, where you are, and other factors also affect your costs. A good cohabitation agreement covers all the real estate you have now, as well as the real estate you could acquire in the future, and provides detailed provisions on how everything is shared.

While your agreement should address specific ownership issues that are relevant to your relationship, there are key issues that encompass most agreements. This article contains eight reasons why the development of an agreement on cohabitation can offer tranquility and protection throughout your life together. Here is a list of things that can be included in a cohabitation agreement: creating a cohabitation agreement usually does not take much time, effort or money. Even if you and your partner hire lawyers to negotiate and design the agreement for you, you can usually do so in a matter of weeks.