Maritime Strategic Capability Agreement

The British government has negotiated with the French government, under the MSCA, an agreement to allocate funds allowing the United Kingdom to use the cavitation tunnel in Val de Reuil, in exchange for the French use of the ocean basin near Gosport. The two nations signed a Memorandum of Understanding in March 2008 in which they worked to establish a long-term legal agreement until mid-2009. The QinetiQ armaments technology group has been awarded a $150 million contract from the Ministry of Defence to provide testing and construction services for ships, submarines and other marine equipment. The Maritime Strategic Capabilities Agreement gives the Ministry of Defence and other customers access to QinetiQ`s marine facilities and know-how to optimize “anything that moves in or on the water, including boats, divers and tidal turbines.” Commercial customers will also have access to the company`s marine facilities and know-how. And under an agreement signed with the French government, the country will be able to use some QinetiQ facilities, while the UK will have access to some facilities in France. Most of QinetiQ`s existing marine facilities are located in Gosport, Hampshire, and includes the largest freshwater reservoir used to assess the design of ships, submarines and tidal turbines. Qinetiq and the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) have signed a 15-year, 15-year, 15-year contract that gives MoD and other government and commercial customers access to Qinetiq`s marine facilities. The agreement, known as the Maritime Strategy Agreement (MSCA), was announced by Baroness Taylor, Minister of Defence and Support, in front of the Qinetiq Ocean Basin in Gosport, Hampshire. She said: “Today`s contract with QinetiQ will provide access to pre-modelling of submarine forms for the future MoD submarine program and hydrodynamic facilities for detailed examination of the innovative hull that will be used by the Royal Navy`s new aircraft carriers.” Nick Penn, Facility Manager for Ocean Basins, said: “The QinetiQ Ocean Basin is one of the largest in the world, capable of measuring models with equal precision in a series of simulated sea states.

We also use this facility to support MINT-related activities, such as our annual model motorboat racing competition with local schoolchildren and international human performance submarine races that take place every two years. We were pleased to be able to assist the crew of HMS OARDACIOUS in their effort and fundraising mission for a charity that is dear to many of us in QinetiQ. “The MSCA also provides us with a strong platform to attract other commercial enterprises to the facility. This means that we can really help reduce the costs of commercial marine research while developing environmentally friendly technologies in sectors such as tidal power generation.¬†HmS OARDACIOUS will depart from La Gomera in December and will arrive one month in Antigua and later 4,800 km. . “As part of the Defence Industrial Strategy, MoD is committed to investing in high-level technical know-how in the UK to maintain a dynamic mechanical engineering industry,” said Baroness Taylor. . Clive Richardson, Qinetiq`s Chief Operating Officer for Europe, the Middle East and Australasia, said: “Through the MSCA, Qinetiq will continue to provide critical facilities that will help the Royal Navy save lives, time and money. A disciplined and concentrated approach to the mining lands of the maritime basin is considered to be the largest freshwater reservoir in Europe.