Dog Stud Agreement Contract

Although it seems a lot to put into a contract, the deeper you are, the better you are able to protect not only yourself and your stud, but each of its descendants brought into the world. Everything should be mentioned in your contract, so that it avoids confusion at the time of breeding or after the arrival of the puppies. As a dam owner, you should also be included on your dog`s own genetic profile to determine if certain characteristics carry dominant or recessive alleles. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a stud farm can correct your mother`s unfavorable quality if it is caused by a single dominant alll – be sure to do your research in advance to avoid disappointment! No matter who fills out the paperwork, your puppy needs a registered name. Unlike its “call name,” as the puppy is called at home, a dog`s registered name is a longer, more elaborate name, which typically contains the kennel name of the breeder at the beginning; In some cases, the kennel names of a co-breeder or the owner of the farm dog are also included. For those who have galleries, choose a dam that rents it best. But how are these things determined? Whether you`re planning to raise your dog or planning to start your own breeding service, it`s best to learn what to expect from this experience. Most of Life`s major acquisitions require a legal contract, from buying a home to renting a car. A good way to protect yourself and your breeding program during this period is to not unsubscribe registration documents for puppies until the full fee is paid at 8 weeks or earlier.

Sperm from a stud farm can be collected daily for 3 to 5 days. Remember to give your studs rest days, so you can avoid her sperm reaching exceptionally low levels that can affect pregnancy outcomes. Artificial insemination is becoming a very common and popular breeding choice. It takes very little time from your stud and you don`t have to worry about logistics to bring a dog into your kennel, which can have complications. With your stud breed more often can also affect not only the quality of its sperm and would lead to a popular father syndrome. You should always make sure your dog is well cared for and physically fit – make sure he trains and/or trains regularly, eats well and has regular check-ups. For him to be considered a true champion, he must always be in top form. Identify its strengths and market them as much as possible – don`t be afraid to promote your stud if it can meet expectations.

Never mislead dam owners about stud farms or qualities, as the lives of future puppies are at stake. In general, there are often two different ways to determine the price of your gallery fees and here: As a bag owner, you need to find a balance between marketing and service.