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For more information on the ICEI-SGA grant, including grants to each partner, see the ICEI SGA fact sheet on the EC website. The ramp up phase began on October 1, 2013 for 30 months. The budget agreed for this period amounted to 72.5 million euros, of which 54 million euros were allocated by the European Union. Part of the corresponding grant agreement lasted until January 2017 to conclude a contracting procedure for supercomputers. For OpenAIRE compatibility, bracketed items are optional. The three-part name space may be mandatory (info:eu-repo/grantAgrement/Funder/Funder/FundingProgram/ProjectID), while the name space is recommended with six parts. This project was funded under the European Union`s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement 754497. A large list of projects is provided by OpenAIRE via OAI-PMH and is available to all repository managers. Values include the name of the project and the project ID. The projectID corresponds to the identifier of the grant agreement and is defined by the name of name space info:eu-repo grantAgreement. Human Brain Project is a flagship project of the FET, which revolves around a core project and partner projects. The initial objectives and initial structure of the central BPH project were presented in a report to the European Commission, published in April 2012.

The basic project is supported by successive EU grant agreements and will be implemented at various stages. The first was launched in October 2013 as part of the EU`s 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development (7th PCRD). On 30 October 2015, the overall plan and roadmap for the project were adopted and the framework partnership agreement on the Human Brain Project was signed to cover the implementation of flagship vessels under the EU`s 8th Framework Programme for Research and Development (8th PCRD), also known as Horizon 2020. Any grant under this framework program is called a specific “SGA.” The European Commission funded SensArs Neuroprosthetics through the FET Innovation Launchpad SensAgain ( Each SGA, which details the consortium, the order of work and the budgets, is negotiated between the organisations participating in the flagship and the European Commission. You can view HBP`s public reports on each grant on our Deliverables pages. Forward is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020: Grant Agreement ID 824550 Finally, by sharing the results with the members of the NEBIAS consortium, we will train university staff to structure their research minds to solve market-appropriate problems. On the other hand, we will prioritize the process of creating innovations in the industry by offering positions to people with a background in research, if our translation project is successful.

SensY Schematic. All technological elements are developed during NEBIAS, with the exception of the sensory sole. Director of European Affairs in the regional government of the Azores President of the company “Teranov” in Guadeloupe MARE – Centre for Marine Science and Environment, University of Lisbon. Synergile, a 55-member cluster dedicated to renewable energy, energy management, as well as materials and constructions, whose mission is to promote cooperation between industry and research, to promote the technologies of the future and to support basic and applied research Administrative and financial coordination is provided by EPFL (Switzerland), while the scientific, infrastructure and ethical direction is located at the Juelich Research Center, the Technical University of Munich (Germany), the University of Technology (Norway) and the University of Monfort (UK).