Holiday Home License Agreement

Do I have to pay the municipal tax for my caravan holiday home? If you wish to buy or sell a holiday park, it says that parking license agreements cannot be transferred. You are personally for the parties to the license. This means that after the sale of a holiday park, all existing licenses will be automatically terminated. In these circumstances, new park owners should contact the owners of the parking space to accept new licensing agreements. Timely management of new licences can reduce the risk of costly litigation with pitchholders further. one. Your licensing agreement with us includes your obligation to comply with the leave condition. If you go bankrupt, we will ask you to stop. If you do not respond to this request, we would be entitled to terminate the contract and ask you to withdraw the holiday home.

The planning authority can also act against you if it violates the holiday condition by sending an execution notification. 4. Your commitments You agree with us as follows: 4.1 To comply with the terms of this license agreement and parking rules. 4.2 Use the caravan only for holiday and leisure purposes (not as your sole or permanent principal residence). You agree to provide us with satisfactory proof, in response to a written question, that your principal residence is at the address registered with us (in Part I of this license agreement), as well as. B a Council tax bill, an electricity bill. You agree to provide us with any changes in writing to your permanent address. 4.3 Payment of parking and other charges that come back to us on the days mentioned in Part I.

4.4, to occasionally pay us interest of 4% per year above the basic interest rate of a London clearing bank designated by us for unselected amounts (in Northern Ireland, a bank in Northern Ireland). 4.5 Insure the caravan against all the usual risks in a new policy for the old one. If you caravan is over 15 years old, then you can insure the market value. 4.5.1 The amount insured for losses or damage to the caravan includes: The sale price in the park of a new caravan of the same nature and size as the caravan.