Indian Oil Corporation Dealership Agreement Pdf

In the case of HP company websites that are available for allocation, the minimum offer amount of 10 Lakhs for rural IOCL Retail Outlet and Rs. 30 Lakhs is due for regular retail stores. The applicant must file 50,000 aff. for rural IOCL ROs and 1.5 lakhs for regular IOCL retail stores. The gasoline pump sector is a lucrative business with good yields is a general perception of the large proportion of the total population in this country. However, the profitability of gasoline pumps has changed significantly in recent decades. The increase in the number of vehicles across the country has led to an increase in fuel demand and, ultimately, an increase in demand for gasoline pumps. According to reports, an average gasoline pump in India sells nearly five litres of fuel, diesel and gasoline each month. Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) is an Indian oil and gas company based in New Delhi, New Delhi. The group operates 26,489 gas pumps throughout India. In this article, we examine in detail the launch policies of IOCL Retail Outlet (Petrol Pump). India Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) grants 2.58 Rs.

Commission to dealers on each litre of gasoline they sell, while the group pays Rs 1.65 as a distributor commission for each litre of diesel. Funding is provided to candidates from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes for the award of distributors by the IOCL under the Corpus Fund program. After checking the details, the company will prepare a letter of intent to the selected distributor. The applicant must provide the above documents at the same time as the transaction request form within 100 hours. All other certificates required for the application of the IOCL distributor format are available here: The application form for the IOCL distributor can be filed on regular paper in the prescribed format below. Note: Government agencies or psUs may be considered for the allocation of distributors directly without advertising. The applicant should provide at least one of the following elements to support ownership of the land offered to the IOCL distributor: the criteria for creating the IOCL retail trade are explained below in detail: Register to Access this Feature (No Required Payment) Note: only 60% of the certified value (for shares, investment funds and bonds) are considered eligible.