Jcu Housing Agreement

While a typical tenancy agreement has a fixed term of six or twelve months, the duration can actually be significant as long as it is agreed between the landlord and the tenant. At the end of the notice period, the lease becomes an ongoing agreement. If any of these agreements are offered at your signature, we advise you to contact JCU Accommodation Services to discuss them. Recruitment is not permitted in university housing. In the meantime, the invitation includes the sale of products or services, door-to-door collections or the delivery and distribution of flyers. Since August 1, 2018, John Carroll University has been a tobacco-free campus. Smoking is not permitted in campus apartments or on campus. Electrical appliances must comply with the city`s housing and fire protection codes. Each device must be UL-approved.

GIANICOLO RESIDENCE (Lungara) – This is an upgrade housing option (additional money per JCU-direkt). You live in a series of residential student residences in Rome`s Trastevere district. The apartment is a short walk from the Guarini campus and a short walk from the Tiber Campus Student Center and its gastronomic establishments. The apartments accommodate two to eight students and have a kitchen, a bathroom and a communal living room. The building offers 24/7 security, regular cleaning and air conditioning. (Note: this costs more than approved standard and external options. Even during the fall semester, this apartment is usually a newcomer at the same time lacking.) At the beginning of the lease, it is the owner`s responsibility to ensure that the property is clean and viable. Throughout the rental, the landlord must maintain the premises in a good state of repair, without standard wear. In order to provide students, staff and visitors with disabilities with adequate arrangements to access the university`s educational programs, activities and services, the Office of Residence Life will consider the use of a service animal on campus or emotional support in academic institutions. Appropriate measures are assessed on a case-by-case basis. For more information, see Student Accessibility Services. (*) Note: John Cabot`s policy prohibits housing changes before the second week of class.

Changes cannot be made before that date and never without the permission of the Housing Authority. If necessary, space searches can be carried out in any accommodation allocated by the university. Residence Life student staff can enter a room and observe what is in sight. Only Residence Life staff or a person appointed by the student dean can browse drawers, cabinets and other areas. During a search, inmates are informed of the reason for the search, but not necessarily before the search is carried out. If a student is not present in a room/stay search, a written notification (by email and/or in the room) is made available to the student.