Opseu College Teachers Collective Agreement

Subject to the application of Articles 2.02 and 27.06 A, when the college finds that a partial employee must be recruited, it gives priority to the hiring of current partial employees whose contracts expire before the start of the transfer and to the partial burden of workers whose contracts are terminated within six months of the start of the transfer. , when hiring part-time employees who are expiring. , and: A PDF version of your current collective agreement is available here: Academic Collective Agreement 2017-2021. However, changes in the higher education system, such as. B the dramatic increase in class sizes and the increasing dependence on partial load faculties, have led to the creation of a large underpaid and overburdened segment of partial faculties, whose workload is limited only by the maximum teaching time of 12 hours per week, unlike full-time teachers, whose workload is limited to many other factors. , such as class size. , class hours and the number of preparations and course sections. Partial load faculties are assessed in terms of training and experience to determine their starting salary. The job classification plans at the end of the collective agreement define the factors for assessing your qualifications and calculating your first placement.

Colleges are required to allow UNION residents to take the first step for partial load staff so that your local resident can check your internship with you. If you have any doubts, please contact us by notice. It was agreed that Article 27, employment security, did not have a request for partial burden of teachers, with the exception of 27.04 A, 27.06 A (iv), v), (vi), 27.08 B, 27.11 B and 27.12. These partial instructors can be released after 30 days of written termination and resign with a 30-day period. Although universities are required to automatically enroll in extended Health Care, please note that standard coverage applies to a person`s coverage. So be sure to fill out the Sun Life Positive registration form for group insurance benefits to formally indicate your decision to participate in the available benefit rights, with individual or family coverage. The performance manager of each college is required to meet with you during your recruitment to check your performance options. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Because significant deadlines need to be met, you may need to contact your benefit manager as soon as you are hired to ensure that you receive the appropriate forms and that you are registered for the benefits that are best for you. In the case of extended health care, the college is required to pay 100% of premiums for all employees, except those with coverage with a spouse.

The plan is voluntary only for this group.