Nz Australia Pension Agreement

Centrelink decides whether you qualify for an Australian benefit or pension under Australian law and an income and wealth test. Q. Is my benefit or pension affected if I owe money to Centrelink or to work and income? If you are applying for an Australian pension, you must complete an application form and provide documents to prove your identity and periods of stay in Australia. One. If you live in Australia, it means that you are not receiving an Australian pension or a New Zealand pension or benefit. contain provisions ensuring, in respect of New Zealand, that the safeguards provided for in New Zealand`s data protection legislation are respected in the information reconciliation agreements and that the agreements comply with the data protection rules for the comparison of information under New Zealand`s data protection legislation; Once your applications are processed, you may receive benefits or pensions consisting of payments from New Zealand and Australia, for example.B. what you receive may consist of a New Zealand superannuation and an Australian retirement pension. If this happens, the total amount you will receive will be similar to the amount you would have received if you had spent your entire life in Australia.