Opeiu Local 6 Collective Bargaining Agreement

A guide to the benefits available to Trial Court staff. As an employee of the Trial Court, you are entitled to a wide range of benefits through the defined benefits of the State Retirement Board and the Group Insurance Commission, as well as benefits negotiated by collective agreements with unions representing trial court employees, as well as other benefits defined by the Trial Court for all lawyers. D) Compulsory selection board Workers summoned to the jury or as witnesses are entitled to paid leave for the duration of the absence, as defined in the language of collective agreements and personnel policy, with the exception of temporary agency workers. E) Medical leave Unpaid health leave is requested and granted in accordance with section 13.01 of any collective agreement or for workers released from union in accordance with section 8.00 of the manual. This leave is usually granted for two months, but may be extended in accordance with the current renewal provision. M) Leave The bi-weekly imputation rate for paid leave is credited in accordance with the Tribunal`s Policy and Personnel Management Procedures and Procedures Manual or the current collective agreement. A worker`s holiday provision rate is determined by years of service at the Trial Court and, where applicable, by other qualified public services. Part-time and permanent older workers are credited on a pro rata basis for leave. After termination, staff are entitled to vacation pay in lieu of leave for accumulated and unused leave hours they have accumulated up to the maximum amount earned over a two-year period. L) Sick leave The bi-weekly imputation rate for paid sick leave is taken into account in accordance with the Tribunal`s staff policy and procedure manual or the current collective agreement. New full-time employees receive 15 days a year by accumulating 4,327 hours per two-week period. Part-time workers are placed on sick leave on a pro rata basis. This summary does not create any outstanding contract or agreement between the Trial Court and any staff member or group of employees….